Issue 14 | July 7, 2012 | Get Paid to Earn Credit!

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I received a much-appreciated letter from a NARHS family this week that is printed below in the "Featured Student" section. It may give you some ideas about making the most of a trip you take.  Also, during the summer many teens take advantage of time off from school to get jobs, but did you know that you can earn credit while you're earning money?  Find out how below!


Many students may have jobs this summer. Did you know that employment training can be converted into a credit? Here's what you need:

1. A Job Description

Many employers already have a printed job description for the position. Ask them for a copy. Otherwise, you will have to write a description of the different responsibilities required. Ask the supervisor to review your description for accuracy, and then sign it.

The job description will become the course description turned in at the portfolio review with the NARHS advisor.

2. Pay Stubs

The best way to prove the hours invested in a job is through the pay stubs you receive with the check. But if those are not issued, have someone prepare a "Payroll Statement" for you that includes the start date and how many hours the employee worked. Ask for a signature on that report.

3. Final Grade

The supervisor is the best person to supply a grade for the job, but providing criteria to be considered would make the task easier. With this newsletter is a link to a grading form that can be given to the employer or supervisor. Click on this link and print off the form.


Daniel DunlapWe recieved the following letter from Daniel Dunlap's mother, Karin:

   My friend, Bonnie Heath, was homeschooling her children through NARHS, and she got me interested in the idea. It has been a great experience for me and my children. The flexibility of homeschooling made it possible for us to travel back and forth between Maine and Florida every year. 

In the summer, the children always enjoyed sailing at the OBYC yact club, Orrs Island, Maine.  In the winter, they looked for shark teeth at Venice Beach in Florida.  On the trip down to Florida in the fall, we always stopped at historic sites, such as Gettysburg, to allow the children "hands on history" field trips. I remember when my son , Daniel, was about 8 years old we were going through the Joshua Chamberlain house in Bruns, Maine, and the tour guide asked if any of the children were familiar with Gettysburg. Daniel's hand went up, "Do you mean the movie, or the battlefield?," and they walked off, deep in conversation. I realized then how much better it was to have the hands on experiences, and we can thank NARHS for this. 

Daniel never attended public school, but was tracked by NARHS all the way. He had finished everything he needed to graduate by 16, but we chose to keep him in, so that he could get in some college while still in HS. He got an A in his college class (English comp); no surprise, as he has recently finished writing a book during his "free" time this year. He graduated this June with 38 credits, and a GPA of 3.9, and is signed up for college in the fall.
Thanks, NARHS; I would recommend you highly. 

 Sincerely, Karin Dunlap

You are certainly welcome Karin, and thank you for sharing your story with us!