Issue 17 | July 20, 2012 | We're Here to Stay!

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Times of transition are challenging, and the most recent transitions for NARHS have been no exception.  We've heard concerns for the future of NARHS, and we would like to reassure you that while there have been some necessary adjustments, NARHS is still here to provide the same services you have come to expect.

Will NARHS be here for my younger children?

One day this past week, many of us received phone calls asking what is happening to NARHS. Before you read the explanation, let me answer the question stated above with a "yes". NARHS is alive and well, even through the changes. Steve Moitozo, the founder and former administrator sold the school last January. The school is still located in Maine but the business office is now in Yakima, Washington. Last June, while in Maine for the NARHS graduation, I met with the Department of Education in Augusta to be certain that NARHS can keep its state recognized status with this new arrangement, and I was assured that it will be acceptable.

One unforeseen problem showed up in the spring when the start-up costs exceeded what we were prepared for, so now NARHS is belt-tightening by doing most consultation from Yakima. Maureen Martin is still in Maine working with families from the Northeast. Be assured that the budget-crunch is not life-threatening.

I would like to introduce you to the staff who will be on the other end of the phone and emails with you.

Becky Meinzinger, advisor, director:

Becky MeinzingerBecky Meinzinger Becky received her teaching degree from Central Washington University and worked over ten years with the Navajos in Arizona. She also home schooled her two sons who have both graduated. Becky specializes in portfolio reviews for independent- study high school students and directs the NARHS operations.

Laurel Smith, advisor:

Laurel SmithLaurel graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude, in Liberal Studies. Later she earned her Master of Arts in Teaching from the same university. She has taught in public schools and in a tutoring position before becoming a specialist in classical education. Laurel home schooled her high school-aged son. For NARHS Laurel works with families as a portfolio review specialist. 

Stephen Meinzinger, advisor, IT specialist:

Stephen MeinzingerStephen graduated with a B.A. in Education from Central Washington University in 2010.  He first worked with NARHS in college as receptionist and doing transcription.  He now serves NARHS as Systems Administrator and an Advisor, sharing families with his wife, Katie.

Katie Meinzinger, advisor:

Katie MeinzingerKatie Meinzinger Katie earned her B.A. in music-Pre-teaching and Master of Arts in Teaching from George Fox University.  She is currently working toward earning her credentials for teaching mathematics.  After teaching music at all levels in Oregon Public Schools for three years, Katie and her husband Stephen moved to Yakima to work with NARHS.

Maureen Martin, advisor:

Maureen MartinMaureen Martin A homeschooling mom herself, Maureen home educated her five sons all the way from kindergarten through high school.  Professionally, she has a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education, a Master of Arts in Counselor Education, and is licensed as a teacher and guidance counselor. Maureen and her husband currently reside in the foothills of the Western Mountains of Maine, where the rivers run clear, the children run free, and the summers are much too short. 

Silvia Johnson, administrative assistant:

Silvia JohnsonSilvia attended Texas Tech University and was a home schooling mom for seventeen years. She was very active in her local home school support group and began assisting home school families with high schoolers in 2005 as a curriculum advisor and by reviewing their portfolios for high school credit. Silvia works with NARHS as administrative assistant. 

Shannan Golladay, transcripts:

Shannan GolladayShannan graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Life Sciences. She served as a Young Life volunteer for eight years and worked as the Young Life Middle School coordinator in the Yakima Valley for six years.  She is also homeschooling her son. For NARHS, she oversees the transcript department.  

Tricia Gilmore, transcripts:

Tricia GilmoreTricia graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northwest Missouri University with a specialization in graphic design and photography. Her worldwide travels have allowed her to hone her photographic skills. Tricia has taught in both public and private schools as well as home schooled her three children. She has been a freelance graphic designer for over 13 years. For NARHS, Tricia works with Shannan Golladay as a transcript technician. 

Wendi Frank, bookkeeping:

Wendi FrankWendi Frank Wendi graduated from Central Washington University with a BA in Business Education and an MA in Master Teacher. She has taught in both private and public schools, most recently being Eisenhower High School, grades 9-12 in the business department from 1998-2011 teaching keyboarding, computer applications, business math and accounting. She has home schooled her daughter since 2003. For NARHS, Wendi serves as bookkeeper. 

April Thome, director:

April ThomeApril earned her Bachelor of Arts in history education from the University of Washington and completed her fifth year at Central Washington University. Additionally, she is a trained educational therapist through the National Institute for Learning Disabilities. She is the owner of NARHS and oversees NARHS as well as working with other homeschoolers to help provide quality education for all home-based students. 

To contact any of the NARHS staff, you can either call the office or email them using their first initial and last name  For example, April Thome is