Issue 22 | August 25, 2012 | Year Beginning & Featuring Chelann Gienger

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Among the host of exceptional NARHS students we have been meeting is one that is a young entrepreneur following in the footsteps of her entrepreneur father.  This family has vision and teamwork.

You'll read about Chelann Gienger in the Featured Student section. 

Also, last week we discussed some of what the year end means for NARHS students.  This week, we discuss the beginning of the year.

Inside NARHS: Start of Year Reminders

Are you ready to start the next year of study?   For NARHS, the academic year begins Tuesday, September 4.  Some of you may have cracked the books open already, some may have to put it off until later.  That is the beauty of home schooling.

Here are some reminders for getting off to a good start: Keep track of lessons and record hours of study for self-designed courses daily in the log book.  (If you don't have a log book, call our office and we'll send one your way, or get one at

Send your curriculum design worksheet to your advisor, so you both know what the student's work entails.  Your advisor may have some suggestions or words of caution depending on the texts you have selected.  The advisor also needs to confirm with you if you are making adequate progress toward graduation with the studies chosen for this year.  You really don't want to arrive at the portfolio review next summer and find out that one of the courses studied will not count for high school credit.  Send in your curriculum design sheet now, and that will not happen, guaranteed. 

* To obtain a curriculum design sheet, go to the NARHS website and click on "Register." There are two forms there. The second is the curriculum design worksheet.


 Chelann GiengerChelann at 16 is already starting her own business.  For some time now, she has taken an interest in the effects of nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle as such factors are either utilized or ignored by the younger generation.  Being a very good model herself of what healthy living can do, she attracts the advice-seekers from among her peers.   As her satisfaction grew watching her friends make efforts to change habits with successful outcomes, Chelann decided to focus her studies on nutrition, neuroscience, and fitness.  These are the foundational studies for wholistic counseling.  Because she loves to help people live up to their potential, she started her own consulting business called "Health Advantage" to offer a well-laid out pilot program with carefully selected clients.   

The service starts out with an assessment meeting with the client where she walks them through 7 major areas of potential coaching:

  • Healthy foods
  • Physical activity
  • Purity of water consumed
  • Amount of fresh air and sunshine exposure
  • Amount of positive attitude displayed
  • Length and quality of restful sleep
  • Trust in a divine power

After the assessment, she counsels on behaviors to be changed, requires reading of specific books and provides weekly accountability encouraging the changes.  She believes that the process of learning healthier habits requires 18 months for most people. 

   It seemed to me that this level of counseling would require a depth of knowledge and level of trust from people putting their health matters into Chelann's hands.  So I asked her where she gained her information in the mere 16 years she has existed.  That's when I learned about the family teamwork.

 Her father, at age 30, had started a similar business that became quite successful.  He is coaching her now in the process of launching a consultant service.  

Her mom, an RN working to become a nurse-practitioner, has been training Chelann in excellent lifestyle skills for as long as she can remember.

A family friend who works in the exercise science industry also mentors Chelann to increase her knowledge pool. The Gienger family has a dream of all having their our own businesses that work toward the same thing.

 If  John Maxwell's observation is accurate when he states, "The truth is that teamwork is at the heart of great achievement," I can only imagine the potential being created in this 16-year-old home schooled student.