Issue 54 | June 21, 2013 | Preparing the Portfolio Review

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Greetings!   This week, we take a look at what needs to be put together for the portfolio review, as well as a quick look at accreditation.

INSIDE NARHS: Preparing for the Portfolio Review

 Portfolios are arriving in our office on a daily basis; it is that season again.  As you prepare to send yours, here is a checklist that will help to ensure all the necessary pieces are sent, along with links to the relevent forms, if applicable.

1. Home School Transcript


List all courses, grades and credits; include the parent signature. Download a form from the website.

2. Summary Sheet

Explain the course information including texts & resources used, method of learning, and evidence supplied.

3. Log Book

This will show the advisor the hours logged for self-designed courses and the sequence of lessons the student studied. 

4. Return Postage or Pre-paid Address Label

5.  Course Descriptions for Self-Designed Courses

The course description should include a paragraph about the studies, objectives for the course, resources used and a method of evaluation.  Self-designed courses must have hours logged which help determine the amount of credit earned.

6. Evidence of the Student's Studies

If the course grade was made up of all the test scores averaged, send all the tests in the portfolio.  If the grade was also made up of the exercises or papers written, send those graded papers as well. 

If the grade was made up of the evaluation of a coach, director, supervisor or teacher, send their written statement or grade form along. 

We recommend using the "Grading Tool for Self-Designed Courses" for these folks to use in the assessment of student performance. Download that form from the website.    For work study in which a student held down a job, send the pay stubs as evidence of hours invested and an assessment of job performance by a supervisor.   If the studies involved fine arts such as drama, music or visual arts, take pictures, make videos, send adjudication forms, playbills, programs, certificates that have the student's name and date plus a signature. 

7. For those working with Maureen Martin, send the portfolio to: 

Maureen Martin

120 Voter Hill Road, 

P.O. Box 14, 

Farmington, ME 04938

8. For all other advisors, send portfolios to:

NARHS office, 

attention:  [your advisor]

14 S. 6th Ave. 

Yakima, Washington 98902.

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Now through July 31, for every paid-in-full tuition ($495), accompanied by a filled-out registration form, received in our office (14 S. 6th Ave. Yakima, WA 98902), we will send a free log book.   If you want to add the accredited transcript, also send in an additional $50 and the CED registration (download   If you prefer, you can also pay online and select which color log book you would like there.  Just visit the NARHS online store.
Featured this week: What is Accreditation?


     There is an important difference between a school being "state recognized" and a school being "accredited".  A state recognized school has filled out the applications, sent the reports, and satisfied all the requirements of the state department of education in order to operate as a legal school in that state. 

     Accreditation is a voluntary process to which a school may choose to submit itself in order for the school's program to be assessed for quality and continuous improvement.  

Accreditation is conducted by private agencies designed specifically to conduct quality reviews. In the United States, there are regional accrediting organizations operating in six different areas of the country. Participating in a regionally accredited program is an important consideration if you think you might want to transfer credits to another institution or will want to pursue admission to college later on. Colleges and universities typically accept credits from regionally accredited programs. Customized Education Designs is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The accreditation can be checked by going to "search our schools" and typing in "Customized Education Designs." (website

     Since C.E.D. is accredited as a Supplementary Education Organization, not a school, they can provide services to home schools including the writing of transcripts for studies that meet a specific standard.  That is why NARHS students may receive an accredited transcript through C.E.D.

     Some families have asked why NARHS decided to withdraw their membership at the National Private School Accreditation Alliance where it was previously accredited before January 2012.  We invite you to go to their website and see for yourself.

     The Atlantic / Pacific program is a great combination of a legal school issuing the diploma, and a regionally accredited program issuing the transcript.


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