Issue 55 | July 17, 2013 | Featuring Joseph Watkins III

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From the portfolios arriving at the office, we are discovering great student stories to tell.  Below you will read the story of a talented athlete in Florida who was rescued from a hopeless situation by a friend of the family.   First, we would like to spark your imagination for possibilities on enriching your NARHS-based high school education. 


INSIDE NARHS: Acquiring an Accredited Transcript



NARHS partners with Customized Education Designs to provide an accredited transcript for qualified students. The regional accreditation, which is the most advantageous for college enrollment or high school transfer, can be checked by going to Click on "search our schools." Type in CUSTOMIZED EDUCATION DESIGNS. 


How to Qualify for Each of  the Three Different Programs:


1. Fulfill NARHS graduation credit requirements and score 1180 on the SAT (compiled score) or 63 on the ACT (compiled score).   Send the test results to the business office at: 


14 S. 6th Ave.  

Yakima, Wa. 98902 


or fax to 509 965 3909. 


With this program you must register also with Customized Education Designs by going to and click on the  "register" tab.  Fill out only the registration form and mail or fax to the business office. The cost of this program is $495 each year for NARHS and then an additional $50 in the senior year for the CED option.


2. Follow the guidelines found on the NARHS website for the Atlantic-Pacific program  in regards to text credits,  hours logged for self-designed courses and number of credits needed.  This program works best if started in the freshman year, but consult with your advisor for other options.  Register with both the NARHS and CED program each year.  The cost of this program is $545 per year.


3. If a student has already earned enough credits to graduate through a private or public system, AND if the student has taken the SAT and scored 1180(compiled) or better, OR if the student has taken the ACT and scored 63(compiled) or better then IF the student also completes one independent study course worth .25 credits or more, he / she will qualify for an accredited transcript.  NARHS can supply a course of study that could qualify the student.  Check with a NARHS consultant. The student must enroll with both NARHS and CED.  The cost of this program is $545. 

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Now through July 31, for every paid-in-full tuition ($495), accompanied by a filled-out registration form, received in our office (14 S. 6th Ave. Yakima, WA 98902), we will send a free log book.   If you want to add the accredited transcript, also send in an additional $50 and the CED registration (download   If you prefer, you can also pay online and select which color log book you would like there.  Just visit the NARHS online store.
Featured this week: JOSEPH WATKINS


This is a heart-warming story coming out of Florida, where Joseph Watkins attended high school for four years, 2009-2013.  He is a quiet, hard-working student, showing leadership skills and respect for peers and teachers.  By his junior year, starting his third year on the football team, something became very apparent to his coaches.  This young man has talent!

Joseph started making plays that caught the attention of onlookers ranging from classmates to college football recruiters.  For perhaps the first time, Joseph realized that college may be in his future and that possibility motivated him to work on improving his GPA.  He began to study harder, and he had a tutor to work with him in order to prepare for the state tests and the ACT. By the end of the junior year, he had passed the FCAT math portion and was focusing his efforts preparing for the reading test, but the first time he took the reading test in his senior year, he missed passing by only one point.  The second time he took it, he missed passing by more points.  It seemed like the harder he tried, the lower his scores were.  Learning that Joseph was struggling to pass the state tests and to graduate, the previously interested colleges began to lose interest in him.  That was when a friend's mom called to give him some good news.  She had found out about NARHS by researching on the internet, and it looked like NARHS could help him get his diploma.  After making some calls, Joseph learned that North Atlantic Regional High School is a state-recognized school in Maine where there is no exit exam.  Joseph was told that he owns the credits that he earned in the four years of high school and that he can transfer those credits to another school and graduate from there.  That was half of the good news.  The other half came when Joseph called the college and asked if they would accept a NARHS diploma, and he was told that they would.  This gave him a back-up plan which took the pressure off when he took the state reading test the third time.  Although he didn't pass the final try, despair was not the result. 


Today, Joseph has been accepted to the University of Graceland in Iowa and Southeastern University in Florida.  He has a wonderful decision to make, which is far better than no decision at all.  When asked to give his reflections on that episode in his life, Joseph readily explained that the friend of the family who told him about NARHS "is a personal hero" to him.  Having this workable back-up plan turned his life around and gave him a future.


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