Tuition for Running Start/Dual Enrollment students


This tuition package is for students who are enrolled in a Running Start/Dual Enrollment program through a community college, college, or university for the Junior (11th grade) year only.  The senior year is still the normal price.

Price: $250.00

Credit à la Carte


If you are only needing one, two, or three credits validated so you can transfer them to another institution, this is the option for you!  This price includes the activation fee.  Simply select the number of credits you need validated and add it to your cart.


Up to and including 1 credit: $150
More than 1 and up to 2 credits: $250
More than 2 and up to 3 credits: $350

4 or more credits: use standard tuition and registration.

Price: $0.00
Select how many credits you need to have validated.

Replacement Diploma


If you have lost your diploma and need to order a replacement, you can use this to order a new one.  This can be purchased with or without a cover.  Adding a replacement cover will include an additional fee.

Diploma without cover: $25 with shipping and handling

Diploma with cover: $50 with shipping and handling

Price: $20.00

Tuition Payments

  • Posted on: 18 August 2017
  • By: admin

Add this to your cart to set up a payment plan that will be automatically charged to your PayPal account.  Please note that you will need a free PayPal account to be able to set this up. The initial payment is $100. All subsequent payments are $50.

New this year: The activation fee is now included in the recurring payments. There is no need to add it separately.

Price: $100.00
The subscription payment options
The subscription payment options

Official Transcript Order


Four Official Transcripts are included with NARHS tuition, beyond that, a small fee ($20) is required before we can send more out.  If you have requested more, please add this to your cart to pay for them.  The transcripts need to be requested on the transcripts request page.

Price: $20.00

Daily Log Book


The Daily Log Book covers 53 weeks worth of documentation, covering 7 days each week, and is available in 6 colors!

Price: $15.00

High School Resource Advisor


An invaluable resource for courses, credits and creativity. This book contains curriculum information, grading tools, guidelines, forms, and suggestions developed by the finest high school staff and experienced homeschoolers. Subject by subject and publisher by publisher this book explains how each can work with NARHS.

Price: $19.95

Transcript Evaluation


Beginning May 1, 2013, we have had to start charging $25 for a transcript evaluation.  This amount will be applied toward tuition if you decide to sign up with NARHS.

Price: $25.00



Tuition for the school year.  Please note that this does NOT include the activation fee.  You will still need to pay the activation fee.  It can be added as a separate item in your cart, or you can pay tuition and activation in one tuition pack.

Price: $445.00

Activation Fee


This is the activation fee for the school year.  This fee must be paid before an advisor will be assigned.  If you have any questions, feel free to call the office.  Please note that this fee is non-refundable.

Price: $100.00