Issue 91 | June 9, 2016 | The Portfolio to Transcript Story

THE PORTFOLIO TO TRANSCRIPT STORY 1.Since timing is exceptionally important during this season, we want you to be fully informed about the "portfolio-to-transcript" process. For most of you, expect 3-5 days that the portfolio will be in the hands of the post office, UPS, or Fed Ex. 2. Once received by your advisor, the portfolio will be reviewed according to "first come, first served". This time of the year, it is not unusual for a number of portfolios to arrive within a short time. However, if the student is a graduate, the portfolio receives priority treatment. 3. From the time the advisor begins work on the portfolio, you can expect the process to take a maximum of 24 hours, if all evidence and required documents are included. If not, it will take longer as items such as a delayed home school transcript, log book, course-work evidence, course descriptions or the check are in transit. 4. Following a completed review, the advisor submits the portfolio report to the transcript office. Here, a wait of 2-3 weeks is typical, because the registrar works on them in the order in which they are received. However, graduates do have priority because admission's offices may be waiting for the documents. Once the transcript is ready, the registrar's office can send up to 6 transcripts, including the one sent to the family, at no additional cost. You may order a transcript sent by going to the website and clicking on the "transcript request" tab. Beyond the first six, additional transcripts cost $10. Payment can be made on our website, in the NARHS store via paypal. When ordering a transcript, be sure to provide complete information, including if possible the name of the correct person and office of the institution. In the request box include "attention to" information. THE ACCREDITATION ADVANTAGE We are receiving some exciting news this summer about colleges where NARHS students are being admitted, because our accreditation is making a difference. Those include Princeton, Northwest in Chicago, Cornell, Columbia, University of Maryland Baltimore County, SUNY Geneseo. and Brown, just to name a few. One NARHS student is being considered at Cambridge.