Issue 98 | September 1, 2017 | State Studies


The TwinsDuring a recent portfolio review for Riley and Bailey Christianson, twins of Kai and Tracy Christianson of Yakima, Washington, notebooks were produced as evidence of the study they did on their own state history and government.  It was apparent they had learned a lot! Quality reports, hand-drawn maps of their city's major sites, newspaper articles of important people, diagrams showing how a bill becomes a law, a timeline of the state's history, maps with symbols showing where major industries and natural resources and located, etc., were included.  There was no doubt that at least 40 hours had been invested in creating a quality notebook, the contents of which will become a lasting memory for Riley and Bailey.  The projects were graded by a detailed rubric created by Tracy, which is included in this newsletter for all of you to use.  For a detailed but do-able course description, see the rest of this newsletter.

Inside NARHS

For those now registered for 2017-18 with NARHS, a study guide of the U.S. Constitution is available to use for learning about this foundational document. Just contact your advisor or call the business office at 800-882-2828 to let us know that you would like the 10-page study guide sent to you electronically.  The student can use the guide and refer to an online or printed U.S. Constitution to help with the filling out of the guide.  Include the completed guide in the portfolio at the end of the year for .25 credit in Social Studies.

The Documents:

Here is the rubric that Tracy Christianson created:
State Notebook Grading Rubric

Need more ideas?  Here are a few from the First Great Book of High School Course Descriptions (unfortunately out of print):
State Studies