Tuition Specials 2018

For students registering for next year (2018-19), the Early Bird Special begins March 1, where you can get the lowest price for tuition; our thanks to you for registering early.

For the first two weeks of March, from the 1st to the 14th, the price will be $445 if the registration form arrives and full payment is sent. On March 15, the tuition rises to $475. Again, to secure that price the tuition must be paid in full.
On June 1, our regular registration season begins in which the tuition price is set at $525 and remains there until August 31. On September 1, the tuition price rises to $575. Under this final price, monthly tuition payments are allowed after an initial $200 down.   For you who like a bargain, March 1 is coming soon!

Also, families who qualify for the $399.99 rate still continue to do so if they pay the whole amount before the end of August.

Additionally, the Early Bird Specials also include a free Log Book and Resource Advisor! ($5 shipping and handling fee applies)