07. How do I get credit for homeschool work?

  • Posted on: 1 August 2012
  • By: admin

The three most important words are document, prove, and portfolio.

DOCUMENT: This is your testimony about what happened in that course. For homeschool work, documentation is usually done through a Daily Log Book -- keep a daily log record of what was done, course-by-course.

PROOF: Think of yourself on the witness stand. The documentation in your Daily Log Book is your “testimony” about what happened. But as good as your testimony might be, it is not “evidence” -- testimony is only your say-so. Now we need evidence. That’s where the portfolio shines. Make your evidence complete, convincing, and compelling for each subject. We must have some physical evidence to be convinced this work actually occurred.

PORTFOLIO: This is where the “testimony” and the “evidence” come together. Each homeschool course submitted for credit must be included in a portfolio review at the end of each year.  Once we have received the portfolio, our specially-trained staff evaluates the portfolio to ensure that the neccessary evidence has been included.

This portfolio review will include six necessary items:
1. The Daily Log Book
2. The Collection of Evidence to review
3. The Homeschool Transcript
4. The Summary Sheet
5. The check for return postage

6. Course descriptions for self-designed courses.

For more information on each of these, please see the NARHS Handbook.