Issue 58 | August 30, 2013 | What is a Homeschooling Dad?

Homeschool dad
What is a home schooling dad?
He may be the one who comes home at lunch to work on a science project with his daughters. Or he may be a musician assisted by his son when he performs in the evenings.
He might be the man who picks up a dead squirrel on the way home and buries it in a bucket in the backyard, so that the youngsters can observe a skeleton later.
When you see a man building the family home, including his offspring in the project, or a long-haul truck driver accompanied by his 12-year old son with books on his lap, consider that you are witnessing a dad's endowment to his children's education.
Because of time limitations, a man's contribution often plays out differently than a woman's, but it is every bit as important.   A dad's involvement in the lives of his children provides something soul-sustaining for both the youngsters and the man.
Your true stories of what home schooling dads do with their children are welcome and encouraged.  In the next few days, email me episodes of how fathers you know contribute and we will print those in the next newsletter. Send your stories to: (or just reply to this newsletter!)

INSIDE NARHS: Tracking Community Service

It is true that you may submit the Community Service Confirmation Form found on the website without a course description or a grade.  If your advisor sees that form in your portfolio with all times verified with a signature (for each and every entry), "community service" will appear on the transcript.  You CAN have a supervisor fill out the "Grading Tool for Self-Designed Courses" in order to determine a grade if you should so choose.  Otherwise, the grade will appear as a "pass".  Is "Community Service" a good idea as a transcript entry?  Absolutely!  College enrollment officers say that such an activity is one of the top four things they look for from applying students. 

Remember that this time of year, it will take a bit longer for the portfolio to be examined and returned.  We WILL contact you when the portfolio arrives in the office.  So if you have not received a phone call or email within a reasonable amount of time after you sent the package,  don't hesitate to call us.  800 882 2828.

Don't forget to send us your stories about sightings and activities of home schooling dads!