09. Can I get credit for previous high school work?

  • Posted on: 1 August 2012
  • By: admin

Yes. Here’s what we need:

  1. If the work was done in a public or private school, or through a correspondence school, then all we need is an official transcript from that school showing you took and passed that course. In some cases, a copy of the school’s report card will give us the same information.
  2. If the work was done in a homeschool program, that requires a bit more paperwork. We require documentation and record keeping about the course. We require it to have a grade, and we prefer a percentage grade such as 74, 83, 91. Documenting and grading homeschool work can be a hard thing to do for some families -- records have been thrown away, or you never thought you'd need them, etc. DO NOT GIVE UP !!! We are masters of reconstruction. There are many variables we can use to reconstruct that program and award that credit. So talk to us.
  3. If a student has earned all of the NARHS graduation requirements in previous schools, and can document this with official transcripts, the only fee they pay is the Graduation Year tuition of $575.  NARHS does require that one NARHS-reviewed course be completed before a diploma can be issued.  We have courses that we recommend, or the student may choose his or her own.    With all credits earned and the tuition paid, the student is entitled to his or her high school diploma.