Issue 66 | May 5, 2014 | Accreditation Information


I just received a letter from a NARHS student which I want to share with all of you.

Hi April,
I see that NARHS is a candidate for regional accreditation which is good. I see on the MSA-CESS website that NARHS is listed as a candidate. My question is how long will it be before NARHS becomes officially regionally accredited by MSA? I didn't know if it was a long process or if that means NARHS will be accredited any day now? Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated. This is big news for NARHS and it's students.

For the answer to Stephen's question, please read below!

INSIDE NARHS: The Accreditation Process

You are so right about this being big news for the NARHS students.  Linked you will find the letter from MSA-CESS president Dr. Hank Cram outlining the due dates and deadlines for us to complete our self-study and to host the visitation team (self-study is scheduled 13-14 with the visitation team arriving Spring of 2015.)  The full accreditation comes shortly after that.  As far as how this affects students currently enrolled, you might be interested to know that a school with candidate status allows its students entry into colleges and scholarship opportunities just as if the school was fully accredited.  We tested this last month at Palm Beach State College in Florida.  We sent them notice and proof of our candidacy status.  We received a letter back stating that all NARHS students applying to their college will now be admitted as if from a fully accredited school.

Sent: Monday, March 31, 2014 5:54 PM
From: Souza, Paula L, Registrar's Office, Palm Beach State College
Thank you.  We have updated your school to acceptable in our system.  We will now accept any student who graduates after February 6, 2014.

You might wonder why that is the case.  I'll explain.    The accreditation process occurs in three stages.    First the school sends a letter to MSA-CESS requesting to be accepted.   MSA-CESS investigates the school's website and contacts references to see if the school is accreditation-worthy.  After MSA-CESS got the go-ahead signals, they sent us an application for accreditation.  The application process took us about 3-4 months.  When all the paperwork was in place (200 pages worth) we sent it to them and waited.  First the president and chief of staff searched through what we sent.  From time to time, someone would call or email us questions asking for clarification.  Sometimes we had to send more paperwork such as incorporation papers,  bylaws,  parent manuals,  information on the hiring process, scope and sequence of courses offered,  and CPA reports.   It was pretty thorough.   When all the questions were satisfactorily answered, the MSA-CESS agency sent us the letter that you have attached, indicating that we have reached candidacy status.  At this stage, MSA-CESS is just as committed to us as we are to the process.   We have been assigned a staff member from there who guides us through the rest of what we have to do.   This is like a discipleship stage or apprenticeship.  From this point on, it would be very difficult for us not to meet the goal because we have a lot of help from them teaching us to function at a much higher level and to think about things we have never thought of before.  Becoming a candidate school is like entering a community of quality programs that want to help us succeed.  They even list us on their website as "one of them" and let us pay dues.

April Thome, NARHS director