Issue 70 | August 11, 2014 | What can NARHS do for you?


In this issue of the newsletter, we bring you a featured curriculum that might add great interest to a U.S. history course.  Also included is a description of the unique services that NARHS offers to our families.  If you have ever wanted a concise explanation of what we do, here it is.

Featured Curriculum: American History on the Screen by Wendy S. Wilson and Gerald H. Herman



Published by J.Weston Walch, this course offers a look at U.S. History past and present through recommended movies that depict 15 different eras in our nation's timeline.  For instance, the first era, the Colonial Experience, is studied through the film Three Sovereigns for Sarah from 1986.  The guide gives you a background on the film, vocabulary to learn, and questions based on the film. Since this particular film focuses on the witch hunts, which may not be your cup of tea, there are other film suggestions as well, such as The Crucible, The Last of the Mohicans,  Mayflower,  Plymouth Adventure,  Roanoke,  The Scarlett Letter,  Squanto, A Warrior's Tale.  Since these additional choices do not have questions related specifically to them, you could have your student take notes on cultural differences from then to now, write a summary of the plot or research the accuracy of the movie. 









If you want something which would tie the films together into a continuous flow of American history, you could also have a student use J. Weston Walch's text Short Lessons in U.S. History. This book gives only an overview of the nation's past, but might serve to fill in the gaps between movies. 

The other eras studied are:

  • The Revolution
  • Expansion of the Nation
  • Civil War
  • the West
  • Immigrant Experience
  • World War 1 
  • the Twenties
  • Great Depression
  • World War 2 
  • the Cold War
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Life during the Fifties and Sixties
  • Vietnam War
  • End of the Twentieth Century. 


What is NARHS?

North Atlantic Regional High School, a private school recognized by the Maine Department of Education, was designed  to supplement high school home-based learning.  Our highly-trained teacher staff is authorized to grant credit validation for home school work done in many different settings.

What can NARHS do for you?

  1. Experienced guidance is provided through the very important high school years regarding graduation requirements. Appointed advisors work with the families in ways that lead to customized programs serving as good foundations for the students' futures.  
  2. Students can move at their own pace; they can learn as fast as possible or as slow as they need.
  3. NARHS provides validation of high school credits awarded to students in home-based programs. With this unique collaboration, parents' claims that students have fulfilled requirements are backed-up by third-party support. 
  4. 4. The NARHS services furnish accountability for students.  Our partnership with parents reinforces your requests for timeliness and quality work.  The students not only show the results to the parents but also to an experienced advisor. 
  5. Our flexible system allows for a variety of curriculum choices in a student's program.  With options available in the home school market from boxed sets to internet programs to creatively self-designed courses, all selected by you, students can enjoy an education that is rich in variety and motivation.
  6. NARHS provides yearly detailed transcripts of students'studies which exhibit progress being made toward graduation credit requirements. 
  7. With the recognition of Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the NARHS transcript now greatly eases admission into colleges, trade schools, other high schools, scholarship programs and even employment opportunities. 
  8. The year-long advisor services utilizing dependable and trustworthy staff provide:
    • Guidance in curriculum planning and suggested course selection leading to graduation,
    • Self-designed course creation guidance with implementation strategies,
    • Grading forms and procedures that ease the challenges in work assessment. 

The NARHS program also has developed the Log Book used for lesson plans and tracking study time, 

and the Resource Advisor   which lists approved high school curriculum in the different curricular categories. The hundreds of listings also include information on credit value and what to save for the portfolio review.  This book also includes numerous grading tools that can be used for student work assessment.

Getting Started

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