15. What if I’m a struggling student?

  • Posted on: 1 August 2012
  • By: admin

Struggling students and functionally disabled students graduate from public high schools. Therefore, in special cases, we apply similar criteria to our private school students who have a documented learning disability.

If a 10th-grade student is capable of doing only 6th-grade-level math, and that is truly his or her capacity according to the other conditions noted below, then he or she may be awarded a high school credit in math for completing the 6th-grade material.


  1. IF the student has been identified as being in the 9th grade or above, and
  2. IF the student has been diagnosed as having a learning difficulty which has a documented history (e.g. Individual Education Plan or IEP), and
  3. IF the student is performing at or near HIS OR HER capacity for learning in that subject, and
  4. IF the student is showing that this year’s work is progression from last year’s work, and
  5. IF the student has completed all of the requirements of the course to the satisfaction of the parent, and
  6. IF the work (or number of hours) have been documented to the satisfaction of our school, and
  7. IF the student is one of our registered students,

THEN that student will be granted a high school credit for the course.


We are not attempting to lower our high school standards. We are simply trying to make appropriate accommodations for students with learning difficulties.