17. Is a high school diploma really necessary?

  • Posted on: 1 August 2012
  • By: admin


Colleges, quite often, accept homeschoolers with good SAT scores and good records verifying their work. But the records originating from homeschools, understandably are not standardized and pose problems for admissions officers, requiring special attention. It is becoming more common for colleges to require proficiency or GED testing for incoming home school students. In contrast, however, homeschool records standardized through the regionally accredited NARHS program, aren't even questioned. The NARHS records complete the student’s application. To the admissions people, it is another qualified applicant from another recognized school.

Most PRIVATE scholarships, trusts, organizations, and scholarship committees automatically make graduation from a recognized secondary institution a prerequisite for granting their scholarship money. Homeschoolers may not qualify if all they have is a computer-generated diploma from their parents.

In contrast, our school is a state-recognized private school on the official roster of private schools in Maine. Even if the admissions officer has never heard of us before, they can log on to the State of Maine's website and verify that we are a real school.