24. What credits are required to earn a diploma?

  • Posted on: 1 August 2012
  • By: admin
  • 4 English
  • 2 Math
  • 2 Science, one lab
  • 1 Social Studies, in addition to US History
  • 1 US History
  • 1 Phys. Ed.
  • 1 Fine Arts
  • 1/2 Computer Skills
  • 1/2 Health
  • 4 1/2 Electives, your choice

For more detail about the required courses, see the Handbook.

Many, even most students do not want to graduate with the minimum credits required. Some want their transcripts fuller and richer with courses they love, or courses related to their chosen fields. In such cases, students may greatly increase the value of their transcript, thus increasing the possibilities for scholarships, grants, and acceptance at more select colleges.