25. Is this a correspondence school?

  • Posted on: 1 August 2012
  • By: admin

No, NARHS is not a correspondence school. Correspondence schools assign daily work, limit textbooks to the ones THEY prescribe, and require you to mail the work back to the school for corrections...then you wait to hear from your assigned case worker, etc. We don’t do that.

We do, however, work with homeschoolers -- parents who decide and direct the education of their children. We are happy to help parents choose curriculum, consult with them to design a program, and the like -- but it will be custom-fit to the student. 

While correspondence schools may have their place for some students, we do not advise them for homeschoolers. The stresses associated with the timetables, assignments, and limitations of a correspondence school are not much different from the stressors of public school. We offer a real, customized alternative, allowing you to really homeschool.

Your family, your style. Your materials, your way.