26. What about transcripts?

  • Posted on: 1 August 2012
  • By: admin

Once a student is registered in our high school program, we begin compiling a transcript. Any credits earned from other sources, such as previous schools, are transferred into our school and become part of the student’s transcript at NARHS.

Two important safeguards are in place to maintain the integrity of the transcript:

1. OFFICIAL transcripts are usually mailed or faxed directly FROM one institution TO the other institution. They are rarely handed to a student to be delivered; they must arrive by the postal service or common courier.  The exception is when an official is given to the student in a sealed envelope and the still-sealed envelope is delivered to the second institution.  Still, it is best to have one institution send the official transcript to the other.

2. OFFICIAL transcripts are almost always signed by a school official and bear the embossed, raised three-dimensional corporate seal of the institution somewhere on the page.  Recently, faxing or emailing transcripts has become more common, but those transcripts still must be signed and sent directly from the issuing school.  Often, there will be a stamp used instead of the embossed seal.

NARHS serves its students well, providing official and unofficial transcripts as appropriate. When a student graduates, NARHS will send the first four (4) official transcript for free.  After that, there is a $20 charge.