30. What about work-study programs?

  • Posted on: 1 August 2012
  • By: admin

Yes, there can be a work-study program designed just for you. If you are an adult, and have a work history, we may be able to reach into your work experience and reconstruct high school credits.

If you are a high school-age student who has a passion for, say, horses, we can design a work-study unit that allows you to work (or volunteer) for a horse stable or ranch. And every hour you are there will count towards a high school credit.

What you do with the horses will determine what you earn credits for. If you are responsible for direct care of the horses, that could be "equine care management". If you are in direct contact with customers, that could be a social studies or business credit. If you are using your time to groom, learn dressage, and show horses, that might become a fine arts credit. Other kinds of horse training might be used for PE credit. There are numerous possibilities.

This can be applied to almost any job -- counter clerk at McDonald’s to auto mechanic, newspaper route to lawn and garden care. Apprenticeships, job shadowing, community and church responsibilities or volunteer opportunities can also be included.   Here’s the important part -- the transcript can reflect your specific interests, passions and work/study history.