31. What is my tuition buying?

  • Posted on: 1 August 2012
  • By: admin

The tuition pays for the following:

NARHS uses its authority as a school

1. to put our approval on your work.

2. The staff assimilates and evaluates the work and previous records,

3. then validates high school credits awarded for each subject earned,

4. transfers all previously earned credits from whatever source,

5. consolidates all credits into one, concise transcript,

6. awards the high school diploma from our state-recognized private school,

7. creates your permanent academic record: a substantial, legal file,

8. sustains and archives your academic record for future access,

9. provides copies of your official transcript to whomever you direct, for whatever reason -- college admissions, scholarships, military enlistment, loans, employment background, security checks, good student insurance discounts, SSI, etc.

10. provides one-on-one counseling for the student and parent every step of the way.