Issue 21 | August 24, 2012 | Year End & Featured Family


Have you ever tried to figure out how to pay for your student’s college?  Linda Spence, from Virginia,  has found answers, and she has helpful advice that you can read under “featured family”


August is wrapping up, and that means two things for the NARHS students:

  1. All work completed by August 31 needs to be reported on the 2011-2012 transcript.  There is a slight exception to this rule.  Work that is exclusively done in the summer can be reported with the previous year’s work (2011-12) or can be reported on the 2012-13 transcript.  
  2. If you have a grandfathered tuition rate, in order to maintain that rate you must re-register by August 31. 

FEATURED FAMILY:  Terry, Linda, Grant, Cole, Brad and Victoria Grace Spence.

Spence FamilyAfter reading this email from Linda Spence, I had to call her to find out how she did it. 

This is my 3rd home-schooled son using NARHS.  My other two are in college.  My 1st son went into Regent University as senior status because of all his credits earned in high school/Community College.  He will have his psychology degree in Dec.  He ended up going for 1 1/2 years.  We saved SO much money.  He turns 21 on Sat.  My second son entered Virginia Tech as a Junior at the age of 18 and is now a senior-but he is in engineering school and will need one additional year to graduate with that degree. So he will have an engineering degree at age 21 and he will have JUST turned that age. Both are honor students and received lots of scholarships.  We saved an enormous amount of money with the route we took.  Many parents don't know of the opportunities for homeschooled students out there!

 My third son will be doing 3 semesters of Liberty courses before he sets foot on the campus.  The program is valued at $27,000 and it is costing us less than $1,000. There are of course a lot more important reasons to HS than the money, but I can't believe how well my children have done and how blessed we have been.

Linda was very willing to discuss her strategies with me and to share them with you.  

  1. Take advantage of any Running Start or Dual Enrollment opportunity provided by the local community colleges.  Many states have such programs where qualified high school students attend community college classes for free or reduced price for two years before high school graduation. 
  2. If your child is able to take a lot of classes successfully during those two years at the CC, he/she may be able to enter the junior year with many of those credits completed as well.  Linda’s son Brad had earned so many credits by the time he got his AA that he transferred in as a senior, skipping the junior year.
  3. When Brad entered Regent, because of his leadership and excellent grades, his $27,000 yearly tuition was reduced by 40%.  There was another scholarship awarded through the Pearson Prize competition that also helped with Regent’s tuition.
  4. When Grant entered Virginia Tech, his tuition was reduced by half due to his previous academic performance.
  5. Cole, age 15, is currently taking Liberty University online courses through a program that earns credit but costs much less.
  6. Linda researches colleges that her children are interested in attending for scholarship opportunities by going onto the websites and typing “home school” to see what comes up.  There are many colleges that cater to home schoolers. 
  7. Linda and her husband, Terry, always conveyed the message to their children that college was in their future; it was a given.  All children are expected to hold down a job starting at age 16. All boys are Eagle Scouts. 

If I had to sum up what I see in these students after the interview, I would have to say: “productively busy, academic leaders who know how to plan ahead.”  This did not happen by accident.  So I’ll let Linda add her summary to the end of this article:

“Thanks for interviewing me.  You know what?  I think one of the most important things we can do is to "raise the bar" for our children.  Expect great things, trust God and provide a strong foundation for your children.  In our family, the cross made the difference.”