Registration Confirmation

You're registered! Now take a moment to pay tuition:

Tuition for the 2018-2019 school year.  Please note that this does NOT include the activation fee.  You will still need to pay the activation fee.  It can be added as a separate item in your cart, or you can pay tuition and activation in one tuition pack.

If you are only needing one, two, or three credits validated so you can transfer them to another institution, this is the option for you!  This price includes the activation fee.  Simply select the number of credits you need validated and add it to your cart.


Up to and including 1 credit: $150
More than 1 and up to 2 credits: $250
More than 2 and up to 3 credits: $350

4 or more credits: use standard tuition and registration.

This tuition package is for students who are enrolled in a Running Start/Dual Enrollment program through a community college, college, or university for the Junior (11th grade) year only.  The senior year is still the normal price.


Thank you for registering with NARHS!  If you have not yet done so, please be sure to send in a curriculum design worksheet as soon as possible. 

The next step in registration is to make a payment,  You can do this over the phone by calling 800-882-2828, or online by going to our online store.  

You should be contacted soon with information about how to reach your advisor if you have not registered with NARHS before.  

Thanks again, and we look forward to partnering with you in your student's homeschool education!